Whacked Out Sports is the world’s largest independently-owned catalogue of sports and comedy clip shows, with over 400 action-packed episodes and 250 hours of non-stop sports drama, action and comedy, featuring:

Whacked Out Sports

Compilation sports clips featuring some of the best and most excruciating bloopers, crashes and falls (104 x 30’)

Monster Knockouts

Delivering up to 10 of the most spectacular KO’s in each episode, from the worlds of Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing and more (88 x 30’)


A forensic look at some of the biggest and best crashes in sporting history (66 x 30’)


The funniest and wildest collection of wall-to-wall outrageous, fun, fast-paced and family friendly, action-packed clips from around the globe (22 x 30’)

Whacked Out Videos

Jammed-packed with the most crazy and wild footage that’s ever been collected, from all over the world, from dares gone wrong, to snowboarding monkeys and outrageous bloopers (104 x 30’)

The most entertaining crashes, punches, jumps, falls, knockouts, spins, mayhem, destruction, blunders, chaos, smashes and fails that sport has to offer.

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