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GB Rugby League Lions Tour

RDA is the international distributor for the 2019 Great Britain Rugby League Lions Tour. The GB Rugby League Lions Tour is a four match series between Great Britain, New Zealand, Tonga and PNG. The 2019 tour will see the first matches played by the Lions since 2007 when they defeated New Zealand 3-0 during a home series against the NZ Kiwis, before disbanding, The Kiwis defeat on home soil happened more than a decade ago, and now they finally have their chance to respond. The tournament will be made available via BT Tower. 2019 GB Rugby League Lions Tour:

Match Venue Date GBR League Lions vs Tonga Hamilton, NZ 26th October GBR League Lions vs NZ Auckland, NZ 2nd November GBR League Lions vs NZ Christchurch, NZ 9th November GBR League Lions vs PNG Port Moresby, PNG 16th November

International Showdown

RDA has handled a wide range of international test matches in both rugby league and union. These include the 2018 England v New Zealand rugby league test series and test matches featuring the All Blacks, Ireland, Australia, USA and Scotland.