A Billion Dollar Industry?

Will competitive video gaming fulfil its lofty revenue expectations and become a billion dollar industry by 2020? Esports is a global phenomenon and has already accelerated the convergence of various established industries while captivating digital native audiences. Esports is already a big deal and that’s why RDA has invested the time, resource and knowledge to develop a commercial esports media rights business. Media rights will be the fastest growing esports revenue stream over the next 5 years, driven by exclusive content deals.


RDA’s role in esports is simple: to connect stakeholders with our global network of broadcasters and media partners and generate new revenue streams for our esports stakeholders and partners. We offer the 360° service to our esports clients that turned many of our emerging sports brand clients into commercial successes and deliver the revenue required to ensure long term viability in a fragmented, nascent industry.

Our complete commercial service incorporates sales, negotiation, contract licensing and financial accounting. Working with game studios, publishers and league organisers we consult, produce, distribute and monetise esports content.